Mum left ‘unable to sleep’ after spotting ghostly figure in photo with friends

A mum has been left feeling terrified after posing for a photo with friends in her block of flats – only for the group to spot an extra figure in the line up when looking back at the snap.

Rebecca Glassborow says she has been suffering sleepless nights after the group of seven huddled together for a photo as they enjoyed drinks back in October, but the picture appears to show a haunting figure was also in the room with them.

A few of the friends believe they can see a ghostly woman with long, brown hair and Rebecca says she is now convinced the block of flats is haunted after hearing a rumour someone had died in the bath of the flat where the photo was taken.

The group can be seen raising a glass and smiling for the picture, but behind them there appears to be a pale figure, seemingly with distinguishable features of eyes, a nose and mouth.

Rebecca, a mum-of-one who lives above the flat where it was taken, says the group checked the room after looking at the photo, but were left lost for answers as they found nothing in the background that could have created the shape.

The 30-year-old, from Coventry, said: “It’s a photo that sends a shiver down your spine – it’s actually quite scary.

“We were like, ‘oh what’s that?’ – it was quite freaky. We were all a bit freaked out and looked around the room as if to say ‘what could that have been?’

“We don’t know what it is – a few of us have said we think it’s a woman with long brown hair. There was literally nothing around us and it just appeared in photos – it was really weird.

“My neighbour who lives in this flat says ‘well, you should be more afraid of the living than the dead’ so she’s got that motto but I live above the flat and it goes through my head.

“I have thought while I’ve been in bed about dark figures being in the flat and coming into the bedroom – it has played on my mind a little bit in that way and has kept me up in the past.

“Since that photo I think the building is haunted – it has definitely changed my opinion about the flats we live in.

“We have heard some noises occasionally and we just put it down to ‘we live in a block of flats, it must just be the neighbours’ but we’re not really sure.

“We all joke about it now and we call her [the figure] Flo as we said that she ‘goes with the flow’.”