Blind cat with huge eyes finds forever home and online fame thanks to his unique look

They say it is our uniqueness which makes us special, and this is certainly true in the case of Pico, a blind Norwegian Forest cat who lives in Canada with his humans, Marie-Josee Brisson and her 17-year-old daughter Monica.

It’s immediately clear to see that Pico is different from other cats, after glaucoma in both eyes robbed him of his sight and left him with large and unusual-looking bulging eyes.

The nine-year-old feline had been a stray cat, who was sadly hit by a car and put into a coma for three days before he made a miraculous recovery.

Marie-Josiee and Monica went to visit Pico when he was being cared for at their local vets, and they immediately decided to give him the forever home he deserved. We do love a happy ending.

Five years ago, when Pico was still a young kitty, his humans noticed his usually green eyes had begun to turn grey, so they took him back to the vets, where they discovered he had glaucoma in both eyes.

“He used to have green eyes but one day, he had an infection that possibly caused glaucoma that caused his blindness,” Marie-Josiee explained.

“Most of the time, he’s okay going about his days, but he bumps into furniture sometimes. He knows his way around the house very well.”

But, not only has Pico found a loving home with Marie-Josiee and Monica, he’s also become a viral sensation, thanks to his TikTok account, which has an impressive 98,000 followers.

Monica gives Pico’s fans regular updates on how he’s doing, including taking them on little walks she goes on with her feline friend, who enjoys getting out in the great outdoors and munching on grass.