Man claims you can get a ‘secret McDonald’s birthday cake’ – but staff insist it doesn’t exist

A man claims there is a ‘top secret birthday cake’ at McDonald’s that staff will sell you if you ask for it – but restaurant bosses insist it doesn’t exist.

TikTok user @thatonecal shared a video of himself ordering what he says is a secret menu item to his 586,000 followers, and the video quickly went viral.

In the video, the man, named Callum Ryan, can be seen driving to McDonald’s, before appearing to show him ordering the birthday cake from the drive through, before it is given to him at the next window.

Presented in a huge box, the white cake has a large ‘happy birthday’ message written on it, next to an image of Ronald McDonald himself, and the man serving him even sings to Callum.

The post received thousands of likes and comments, with many asking if it was real, and how they could order the cake the cake themselves.

One user said: “Is this true, they do birthday cake?!”

And another added: “Is this why someone asked me if we have birthday cake yesterday?”

But bosses at McDonald’s insist the cake doesn’t exist, and said that the video was a fake.

A spokesperson said: “Thanks for sending this through, though unfortunately this is a staged video!”

Some TikTok users were already able to tell the video was fake, without the help of McDonald’s bosses.

One said: “Print cake at ASDA > take shot outside a maccies > film inside car like at a drive thru but actually sat on your own drive at home > 500k likes.”

Another added: “Loool I work at McDonald’s and we don’t do that.”

And one wrote: “It’s obvious he didn’t go through any drive through.”