Missguided model bemuses shoppers with optical illusion that gives ‘question mark’ figure

Missguided shoppers have been left absolutely baffled by a photo of a model in a blue dress on the fashion brand’s website.

The model is seen in a series of snaps, wearing the £23 teal extreme rib knit mini dress.

In the first three pictures, everything appears to be in proportion, but things get confusing in the final fourth image, which features an optical illusion.

A number of people took to social media to share their thoughts on the bizarre photo, with some saying the model’s pose made it look as if she had a “back like a question mark”.

The model’s back is positioned at an unusual angle, as she perches on a white box that blends in with the white background – giving the illusion of a pointy derriere.

Sharing the optical illusion on Instagram, a woman named Kelly, wrote: “Look at the picture Missguided are using to advertise this dress…wait for it.”

“Her figure was already nice. Was it necessary to give her a back like a question mark?”

Many people were quick to share their thoughts, with one saying: “I saw this on Facebook, I was so confused why no one mentioned it in the comments.”

Another quipped: “They truly be ‘Missguiding’ people.”

While someone else admitted: “I saw this the other day as an ad and almost spat my drink out.”

Others were quick to point out what was really going on in the photo and reassure people the snap hadn’t been edited.

A different person replied: “She’s slouching, it’s just an optical illusion.”

While a second added: “To be honest I think it’s an illusion because the dress is backless.”

And a fellow shopper posted: “She’s sat on a box posing oh my God.”