Spooked mum ‘moves house’ after becoming convinced hidden basement is haunted

A woman says she moved house after discovering a creepy basement in her property while pulling up her carpet.

The mum-of-one had no idea the cellar existed before she went to replace the carpets on the ground floor.

She shared the moment her family discovered the hidden hatch they ‘never knew about’ after finding a door disguised into the old flooring.

This opened to reveal a set of wooden stairs, which led down to the basement, where there were a few discarded items, along with the fuse box and water tank.

Her discovery in February went viral, with more than 13 million viewers watching the incredible moment her family discovered the hidden space.

But a few months on, it seems discovering the hidden space wasn’t all it cracked up to be.

In a new video, the woman, who posts at @unfortunateexistence, claimed her family were left creeped out by the basement.

She said: “Things have been really f* since we opened that door.

“Where do I begin? Ever f light on at three in the morning, every day after that.

“My daughter, who was sleeping through the night, doesn’t anymore.

“Then just the simple fact that the vibes were not immaculate anymore like it was just an unsettling environment.

“If you don’t already know, we moved. That s*** was so spooky it’s not even funny.

“S*** like out of horror movies was happening. My boyfriend and I were getting bruises in really weird places.

“It happened pretty often where we would just get this smell of rotten eggs out of absolutely nowhere.

“I couldn’t do anything to get the smell to go. The front door would randomly lock and neither my boyfriend nor I had locked it.

She emphatically added: “F*** that house.”

People in the comments were left open-mouthed, with many praising the woman for moving her family out of the property.

One commented: “Good thing you left. Make sure you have a preacher/pastor to clean your new house.”

Another said: “Cleanse your new property girl!